Erotic Authors Guild press releases and information

This will be a list for release of general information of relevance to the author and blogger community. The Guild focuses upon the erotica genre, but a fair portion of press release information will be relevant and useful to the author community as a whole.

Examples of press release content might include:
  • Changes in policies or procedures of vendors such as Amazon, Blogger, Goodreads
  • Book piracy alerts, such as sites discovered to have a large array of pirated works
  • Info regarding events, training and resources of general interest to the community
  • Occasional notifications of PSA campaigns
What this particular list is NOT:
  • Promo list of individual authors, blogs or works
  • Requests for reviews, reveals or tours
  • A regular scheduled newsletter--we maintain a blog and will be establishing a separate list for those interested in a newsletter
Although we are an erotica Guild, mailings in this list can be expected not to contain any images or subject matter deemed "NSFW."

At a very rough estimate, this list may receive one or two notifications per month, although this is naturally contingent upon what's going on in the community.

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